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When you think of Morocco, you directly pick the red
city Marrakech, one of the most popular spots for everyone.
This cultural center combines the old traditional historical crafts and
monuments, with the new generation buildings and companies a long
side with a perfect reflection of the highest point in Africa, the high
Atlas mountains.
Marrakech is well known with its beautiful gardens, old schools and
palaces that holds history of thousands of ages ago in its walls.
So either you want a day in the city itself starting with a horse ride all
around the old town with the mosques, doorways, gardens and
palaces… so you could finish your day by a nice cup of tea, in one of
the open rooftops in the new part with a 360°view to catch the last
shadows of an amazing sunset…
Or you can have a day just aways from the city to visit some villages
in the high Atlas mountains ending your day by a calm ride along side
with palm trees and a nice cup of tea await…